Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Uber Nudists Penetrate Islam

As a community service announcement for married Nudists and those contemplating the sacrament we have linked with this bulletin Leilouta's guide to, "How to Make your Wife Happy". Amongst many pearls of wisdom we took particular note of this sage advice for husbands (and potential husbands).

"10. Smelling Good and Physical Beautification
* Following the Sunnah in removing hair from the groin and underarms.

* Always being clean and neat.
* Put on perfume for her. "

Cadres of Uber Nudists have obviously been at work here. As we have previously reported it is a fundamental pillar of Uber Nudist doctrine that hair is a form of clothing and needs to be removed in their vision of a perfect Nudist world.

Such subtlelty! Planting the seeds of revolution so deep and so carefully! Whole generations of men will now be sub-consciously in thrall to the Uber Nudist agenda. Not since the Soviets were able to subvert a whole generation of Cambridge and Oxford graduates has there been such a successful coup!

However the seeds of internecine strife are not far away! Naturists nudists too have been successful. The injunction to grow beards clearly the work of some Naturist Nudist who is not a shareholder of Gillette.

As the Nude News Legal Department has often warned public nudity in predominantly Islamic countries may be subject to various forms of sanction. Some of them quite unpleasant. Still the seeds have now been sown and the ultimate triumph of the Nudists revolution may now be something more than a pious aspiration.


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