Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Indonesian Playboy, Tiara Lestari and Censorhip

Jakarta: In another triumph of style over substance reports continue of planned protests by all sorts of people over the impending publication of Indonesian Playboy. Whilst thousands ponder the well known moral dangers of exposure to pictures of naked or near naked woman,censorship of actual information in the form of news broadcasts will be a reality shortly. On Feb 5 the new government regulation banning the direct broadcast of foreign news services comes into effect. We can all rest easily in our beds knowing that we may not get to see images of naked woman and better still not have to watch any bad or unpleasant news. The editorial team here will be wearing rose coloured glasses in future.

Yosef Ardi has an interesting piece here. One can only wonder at Tiara Lestari's opposition to Indonesian playboy. Presumably she has not been able to stich up a deal on the royalties yet.

Paris: Well for all those people who may have missed Tiara in Spanish Playboy and amd may or may not get the opportunity to read Indonesia Playboy they should check out the latest hero of the Nudist revolution. Insousciance. She is a model and photographer located in Paris. Her web site rather renders the question of censorship rather pointless.

Further more to demonstrate that this bulletin does not censor or discriminate in any way the image left is included to pacify the many female readers of this service who have vehemently complained as to editorial bias. Naturally we reject any suggestions of bias and are happy to comply with requests for full disclosure.

The Nude News Weather: Reports from our Prague correspondent maintain that the weather remains lousy and that he should have heeded our weather warning to leave. We can only hope he has recourse to a good fire like our weather girl.


At 10:04 am, Blogger Leilouta said...

Wow!! You like nudity, dont you?

At 11:32 am, Blogger javaricho said...

Yes we do. We trust that you do as well.


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